In our daily life , pollution is a major cause for lung diseases which are spreading rapidly. Fuels are also a  major cause for pollution as they produce a harmful gas ,carbon – monoxide when they are put in the fuel tanks of vehicles . But , however without fuels we would not be able to go to our destinations as now a days every train and vehicle moves with the help of fuels . Many machines in the factories also work with the help of fuel such as petrol and diesel , and they release harmful gases such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide  in  the atmosphere which harms us by entering  into our body by inhaling air. Scientists are saying  that as fuels are a non renewable resource , no one would be able to see them in coming generation as we are exploiting them so rapidly that they are depleting very fast.

Here are some tips that can be executed to help to save fuel -:

  • Opt for carpool to reduce the use of fuel as much as you can.
  • Switch off the car engine whenever you are struck in traffic or long red light.
  • Install CNG cylinders in cars so that the pollution is controlled at a neutral level.


Now a days it is easy to pool a car with OLA or UBER mobile apps to reduce pollution.

Let us join hands together by saving fuel for a save and healthy life.


My Father

My father you are very great,

You get up early and never be late.

You are like my special dude,

Sometimes happy but sometimes rude.

You try to fulfill my request as much as you can,

And you give me non-stop happiness like a waving fan.

You teach me to become strong,

And guide me whenever I am wrong.

You always say the truth and never say lie,

And always teach me to face challenges and never to cry.

Written by :

         Janesh Kapoor